New name, same mission

Towards the end of December, I finally got around to fully rebranding Vault as Fero. I settled on the name Fero in September of last year but put off rebranding and sharing the news because of the work it would take to rebrand our social media profiles, website, business email etc. Given that I was also in the middle of working on issue one at the time, I felt the name changing exercise could wait until the issue was completed. With issue one pretty much complete (we’re still working on “small details”), I no longer had a valid excuse for delaying the inevitable name change.

But why change the name at all? The answer is simple. Between the end of issue zero and the time I began working on issue one, I learned that there was an Australian art magazine that also used the name Vault. Initially, I resisted changing the name and wanted to explore if I could keep using the name. It took me a while to come up with the name Vault and it had a meaning that referenced the Tumblog that started my publishing journey.

But upon further reflection, I decided to embrace the circumstance and to see it as an opportunity to find a unique name that reflected our mission. After a few days of brainstorming by using different techniques (portmanteaus, words related to subjects we cover etc.) and considering the feedback of my current and former magazine art directors, I chose to go with the name Fero. Fero means journey in Icelandic and is a perfect fit given the focus of our magazine: telling the stories of people who do interesting things. Having “lived” with the name for the past few months, I’m excited to continue telling compelling stories of people from all over the world. Rest assured that while our name has changed, our mission hasn’t.



Alain Munga

Founder, Fero

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