Made: Vault Issue 00

Welcome to the first edition of Made, a new feature where we give you a behind the scenes look at how we go about the creation process. This first post will focus on how our first print issue of Vault came about.

The Mood Boards

I was already well into the process of conducting interviews, collecting stories and sourcing photography for issue 00 by the time I started working on what would eventually become four mood boards back in November of 2015. The photos below are samples taken from each of the four mood boards.

The Art Director

Given my lack of experience in creating a print magazine (or a magazine of any kind for that matter), I decided to use Behance in order to find an art director to collaborate with in designing our debut issue. After two false starts and countless hours spent looking for the right person, I found Jan-Alfred from Melbourne, Australia to assume the role.

Guston and Elan - Jan-Alfred Behance magazine project


The Early Designs

After going over the design brief and exchanging some long emails back and forth, Jan-Alfred and I had the same vision for the magazine. The photos below were the first screenshots he created after I provided him with all stories and photos I had gathered for issue 00. Words can’t describe how it felt to see photos and written documents that had lived separately on my computer for months ( on Google Docs and Dropbox) come to life in a magazine layout.


After more late nights/early mornings on my part spent exchanging long emails with Jan-Alfred and a Skype session or two, we managed to design new sections of the magazine and refine earlier designs.

Skype Calls

Collaborating with Jan-Alfred on this project consisted of long emails (with some of them being written by me while desperately trying to avoid falling asleep). To break up the emails and to collaborate in real time, we decided to have Skype sessions when needed (e.g. when complex details or big changes needed etc.). With me being based near Vancouver, BC, Canada and Jan-Alfred being based out of Australia, the difference in time zones was a challenge we had to deal with.

vault debut issue independent magazine design tech business culture


Current Status

As of now, our Jan-Alfred and I have reviewed two drafts of the magazine. The second draft of the magazine (which was completed last week) brought some significant changes to the layout and overall design of the magazine. Going back and comparing the two drafts, it’s clear that the second incarnation of the magazine looks much better!

vault debut issue independent magazine design tech business culture

Almost all the magazine screenshots I have shared on social media since the beginning of this project except for three have come from the first draft of the magazine. This has allowed us to document and share the process of creating an independent magazine, without completely removing the element of surprise when we launch our magazine.

Also of note, the magazine cover used as the featured photo for this feature will not be the cover we use for our debut issue (although the response to it has been favourable on social media).

Alain Munga

Founder, Vault

5 thoughts on “Made: Vault Issue 00

  1. Samuel Belliard Reply

    It’s really interesting !

    • vault Reply

      Thank you! I’m humbled by your comment.

  2. Claudio Frasca Reply

    Excellent!!! Nice concept.

    • vault Reply

      Thank you Claudio! I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Marco Costa Reply

    Good layout! In my opinion maybe photos can get more to the bleed, like the millie cooper layout.

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