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Back in July, I started doing short interviews in order to bring you original stories of entrepreneurs, designers, makers, creatives and others who were using technology to do interesting things. Up until that point, Vault’s first eight months of existence was spent curating interesting stories I found online. The idea was that the interview series would compliment my curation efforts.

The reception to the stories on our social media feeds were overwhelmingly positive and encouraged me to abandon our focus on curating stories and shift it to original story telling. This meant I would need to come up with new features in order to tell stories differently. My plan for vaultmg.com was to be an online magazine and to produce a digital version every so often.

It was at this point that I found a designer and artist by the name of Jennifer Allison through Behance and asked her to help me produce a digital magazine in order share these amazing stories I was collecting.

However, after doing research on digital magazines, I decided to reverse course and create a print magazine instead. Why? For one, I hardly, if ever read digital magazines myself to begin with. Almost all digital magazines I’ve come across just look like PDF documents put together sequentially. When I look at most digital magazines, all I see are “print magazines” that have been shared in a digital format.

If I was going to make a digital magazine, I would want to make it interactive, to incorporate video and other elements that took advantage of digital tools. I would want to create a magazine that couldn’t exist in print. A magazine that took advantage of its “digital canvas.” Given that I would need to find a developer, worry about app updates and publishing on Android was going to be a potential nightmare (due to all the different OS versions and screen sizes), the idea of going digital no longer seemed attractive or viable financially.

The biggest reason I decided against doing a digital magazine was due to my lifelong love affair with print. Along with books, I’ve always had a love for magazines. No matter how broke I was at certain points of my life, I would always find a way to treat myself to a magazine. I loved the feeling of holding something tangible and even the distinctive smell of paper. After discovering Monocle in 2010 and more recently Indie magazines such as Offscreen, Kinfolk and The Great Discontent, my appreciation for well designed and made magazines has only increased.

Conversation updated-screenshot

There was only one option for me to share all the great stories I had collected from entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and creatives from around the world. I needed to make a print magazine. The enduring nature of print was best suited to capture these stories.

With this belief in mind, I’ve assembled a small and talented team of three to help me launch Vault, the print magazine. Starting today, I will be sharing our journey, lessons learned and challenges faced in creating and launching our debut issue. This the first time that any of us has worked on a project of this magnitude, so it will be that more special to share the journey with you.

I look forward to sharing more with you very soon.


Alain Munga

Founder, Vault








*Lead image courtesy of Millie Cooper

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