Vault List #9: Our weekly curation of stories you need to read

As part of our work here at Vault, we come across a lot of technology related stories. Vault List is a weekly curation of our favourite stories shared in one place.

This week our stories include Google’s surprising Alphabet announcement, a confirmation on what Google’s next version of Android will be called, a review round of the Moto G and an NY Times feature that will make you happy you don’t work for Amazon.

  1. What does Google Alphabet announcement mean for the company going forward? The Verge and The Guardian have two different takes on the subject.
  2. Asus’ chairman opens up about the company’s origins, its present and its future.
  3. The 2015 Moto G keeps its crown as the best cheap smartphone. Read and watch the reviews here, here, here and here.
  4. ‘Sometimes we like to troll’: Google speaks on their Android naming policy
  5. The Apple Watch is proof that Apple is capable of making beautiful products that are a pain to use.
  6. The NY Times recently wrote an article about what it’s like to work at Amazon and let just say it’s not like working at Facebook or Google. Bloomberg also wrote an article on the subject which included a response from Jeff Bezos Amazon’s founder defending the company.
  7. Microsoft is working on an app that will read the news for you.
  8. Why is Apple afraid to reveal Apple Watch sales numbers? A Bloomberg contributor gives his take.
  9. Montblanc CEO Jérôme Lambert talks combining high watchmaking with technology.
  10. Tinder collaborates with Forbes to make an app for just for young ‘game changers.’
  11. More young Chinese are turning to their smartphone for a sympathetic ear.

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