Vault List #8: Our weekly curation of stories you need to read

As part of our work here at Vault, we come across a lot of technology related stories. Vault List is a weekly curation of our favourite stories shared in one place.

This week our stories include the Emoji movie coming to a movie screen near you, an update on once ridiculed internet sensation Rebecca Black and an inquiry if mobile technology is the next big thing in fashion.

  1. Is wearable technology the next big thing in fashion? The Guardian investigates.
  2. There is an Emoji movie coming to a big screen near you. Yes, this is real.
  3. The story of how Kevin Systrom launched Brbn…Or as it’s better known today, Instagram.
  4. Fiat Chrysler, Chrysler’s parent company, knew of a security flaw in radios installed in more than a million vehicles, but failed to inform federal regulators. This list of vehicles includes a jeep that was hacked recently.
  5. Once ridiculed online, former internet sensation Rebecca Black aims to pursue a music career on her own terms.
  6. In preparation for a manned trip to Mars, NASA astronauts will start eating space grown veggies soon.
  7. According to The Verge, under Lenovo, Motorola is carrying on the spirit of Google, its former parent company.
  8. Microsoft launches the first translation app for the Apple Watch and Android smartwatches.

If you’ve enjoyed this list and have missed past editions, please find them here.


Image credit: Reuters

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