Vault List #6: Our weekly curation of stories you need to read

As part of our work here at Vault, we come across a lot of technology related stories. Vault List is a weekly curation of our favourite stories shared in one place.

This week our stories include Elon Musk being inspired to do what he does now by reading Sci-Fi and comic books as a child, China’s removal of its ban on gaming consoles and more.

  1. Reading Sci-Fi and comic books as a kid inspired Elon Musk to save the world.
  2. Facebook is trying to convince Youtube’s biggest stars to post their videos on its platform.
  3. In order to spotlight the security flaws of Internet-connected cars, two computer security experts hacked into a moving Jeep Cherokee.
  4. China has officially ended its 15-year ban on gaming consoles. Is the market ripe for the taking for Console makers or have the Chinese moved on from gaming on consoles?
  5. A sign of the times, Hollywood stars now go on Youtube shows to promote their movies.
  6. How Youtube’s five biggest stars became millionaires.
  7. Apple has stopped selling Nest thermostats online and in stores. Nest is a Google owned company.

As usual, previous editions of Vault List can be found here.



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