Vault List #4: Our weekly curation of stories you need to read

As part of our work here at Vault, we come across a lot of technology related stories. Vault List is a weekly curation of our favourite stories shared in one place.

This week we bring you stories on Space X’s Falcon 9 explosion, the chaos at Reddit, the record-breaking $192 million paid by Hulu for South Park and more.

  1. Tidal adds a family plan. The company now offers a discount for additional users just like music streaming competitors Rdio, Spotify and Apple Music.
  2. “Obviously it’s a huge blow to SpaceX…We take these missions incredibly seriously.” Elon Musk  on the Falcon 9 rocket explosion.
  3. Apple stores have begun selling a version of the Ecobee 3 Smart thermostat that support’s HomeKit. This means that users can control their thermostat by using Siri.
  4. Twitter wants to know your birthday so it can gift you balloons and targeted ads.
  5. Hulu pays  a record-breaking $192 million to stream South Park for three additional seasons.
  6. Why Reddit’s latest revolt is just like the previous ones.
  7. Reddit may just be too chaotic for any CEO, not just Ellen Pao.
  8. Passwords don’t work as well as they should. It’s why some companies like Medium are beginning to get rid of them completely.
  9. Forcing children to watch TV is now a way to punish them. According to research from Miner & Co., most children these days prefer the interactive use of an iPad over the passiveness of watching TV.
  10. The Los Angeles Times has just hired a reporter to cover black twitter full time.

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Image credit: Comedy Central

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