Vault List #1: Our weekly curation of stories you need to read

As part of our work here at Vault, we come across a lot of technology related stories. Vault List is a weekly curation of our favourite stories shared in one place.

This week we bring you stories about three people willing to leave everything behind in order to colonize Mars, what users will lose from upgrading to Windows 10 and more.

  1. If Uber was forced to consider its drivers as employees, it would have a negative impact on its business and valuation.
  2. Designer Ryan Hageman has conducted a visual research project on the history of graphic design in Japan.
  3. Meet three people with distinct stories who have all volunteered to take a one way flight to Mars in order to colonize the red planet.
  4. The US military is recruiting young pilots at video game fairs to operate unmanned drones in Pakistan.
  5. While Microsoft has been vocal about what users will gain from updating to Windows 10, they’ve been more silent on what users will lose as a result of the update.

We hope you enjoyed our first edition of vault list. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, check out our first post for Journey, our new Q&A series.

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